Incorporated in 1977, the Lassen College Foundation is a public charity under IRC Section 501(c)(3). The foundation provides financial support to the college for scholarships and innovative programs.

The objectives of the foundation are to continue providing scholarships to attend Lassen Community College, develop an alumni association, build an endowment fund, and increase college involvement within the community and community involvement in the college.

The foundation always seeks motivated, visionary people to advance higher education within the district.

Use the links to meet the foundation board and find the way of giving that best meets your philanthropic objectives.
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The foundation offers scholarships to attend Lassen Community College to graduating high school seniors within the college district.

Alumni Association
The foundation maintains communications for alumni news and events, peer networking, and student mentoring.

Endowment Fund
The foundation builds an endowment fund for the Healthcare Occupations Programs, one of the fastest growing occupations with the largest number of new jobs.

Community / College Involvement
The foundation sponsors events that bring the college to the community and the community to the college.

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