Two-Year Advising Plans

Degree TypeDegree Name 
Associate in ArtsAdministration of Justice-AA
Associate in ArtsAdministration of Justice-AA Correspondence
Associate in Science for TransferAdministration of Justice-AS-T
Associate in Science for TransferAdministration of Justice-AS-T Correspondence
Certificate of AchievementAdministration of Justice-CA
Certificate of AchievementAdministration of Justice-CA Correspondence
Certificate of AccomplishmentAdministration of Justice-Reserve Officer-CA 2015-16
Certificate of AccomplishmentAdministrative Medical Assisting-COA
Associate in ArtsAgriculture-AA-US 2015-16
Associate in Science for TransferAgriculture Animal Science AS-T
Associate in Science for TransferAgriculture Business AS-T
Associate in ScienceAgriculture-Agriculture Science and Technology-AS
Certificate of AchievementAgriculture-Agricuture Science and Technology-CA 
Certificate of AccomplishmentAgriculture-Agriculture Business-CoA 2015-16
Certificate of AccomplishmentAgriculture-Irrigation COA
Certificate of AccomplishmentAgriculture-Animal Science-CoA 2015-16
Certificate of AccomplishmentAgriculture-Horsemanship-CoA 2015-16
Associate in ArtsAllied Health-AA-US 2015-16
Associate in Arts for TransferAnthropology-AA-T 2015-16
Associate in Arts for TransferArt-Art History-AA-T
Associate in Arts for TransferArt-Studio Art-AA-T
Associate in ScienceAutomotive Technology-AS-2015-16
Certificate of AchievementAutomotive Technology-Engine Repair-CA-2015-16
Certificate of AchievementAutomotive Technology-Advanced Mechanic-CA-2015-16
Certificate of AchievementAutomotive Technology-Basic Mechanic-CA-2015-16
Certificate of AccomplishmentAutomotive Technology-Electrical-COA
Certificate of AccomplishmentAutomotive Technology-General Mechanic-CoA-2015-16
Associate in Science for TransferBiology-AS-T 2015-16
Associate in ScienceBusiness-Accounting-AS 2015-16
Associate in Science for TransferBusiness-Business Administration-AS-T-2015-16
Associate in Science for TransferBusiness-Economics-AS-T 2015-16
Associate in ScienceBusiness-Administrative Office Technician-AS
Certificate of AchievementBusiness-Administrative Office Technician-CA
Certificate of AccomplishmentBusiness-Entrepreneurship-CoA 2015-16
Associate in ArtsChild Development-AA 2015-16
Certificate of AchievementChild Development-CA 2015-16
Certificate of AccomplishmentChild Development-Associate Teacher-CoA 2015-16
Certificate of AccomplishmentClinical Medical Assisting
Associate in ScienceGraphic Design-AS
Certificate of AchievementGraphic Design-CA
Certificate of AccomplishmentGraphic Design Entrepreneurship-CoA 2015-16
Certificate of AccomplishmentDigital Graphic Design Fast Track I-COA
Certificate of AccomplishmentDigital Graphic Design Fast Track II-COA
Associate in Science for TransferEarly Childhood Education-AS-T 2015-16
Associate in Arts for TransferEnglish-AA-T
Associate in ScienceFire Technology-AS
Certificate of AchievementFire Technology-CA
Certificate of AccomplishmentFire Technology-Basic Fire Fighter-CoA 2015-16
Certificate of AchievementGeneral Education California State University (CSU)-CA
Certificate of AchievementGeneral Education: Intersegmental General Education Curriculum (IGETC)-CA 2015-16
Associate in Science for TransferGeology-AS-T 2015-16
Associate in ScienceGunsmithing-Firearm Repairs-AS 2015-16
Associate in ScienceGunsmithing-General Gunsmithing-AS 2015-16
Certificate of AchievementGunsmithing-Firearm Repairs-CA 2015-16
Certificate of AchievementGunsmithing-General Gunsmithing-CA 2015-16
Certificate of AccomplishmentGunsmithing-Machinist and Metal Finishing-CoA 2015-16
Certificate of AccomplishmentGunsmithing-Long Gun-CoA 2015-16
Certificate of AccomplishmentGunsmithing-Pistolsmith-CoA 2015-16
Certificate of Accomplishment Gunsmithing-Riflesmith-CoA 2015-16
Associate in Arts for TransferHistory-AA-T 2015-16
Associate in ScienceHuman Services-AS 2015-16
Certificate of AchievementHuman Services-CA 2015-16
Associate in ScienceHuman Services-Drug and Alcohol-AS 2015-16
Certificate of AchievementHuman Services-Drug and Alcohol-CA 2015-16
Associate in ArtsHumanities-AA-US 
Associate in Arts for TransferKinesiology-AA-T
Certificate of AccomplishmentMarketing
Associate in ArtsNatural Science Degree-AA-US
Associate in Science for TransferNutrition and Dietetics Degree-AS-T
Associate in ArtsPhysical Education AA-GS
Associate in ArtsPhysical Education AA-US
Associate in Arts for TransferPsychology-AA-T-2015-16
Associate in ArtsSocial Science-AA-GS 2015-16
Associate in ArtsSocial Science -AA-US 2015-16
Associate in Arts for TransferSociology-AA-T 2015-16
Associate in ScienceVocational Nursing-AS
Certificate of AchievementVocational Nursing-CA
Associate in ScienceWeldingTechnology-AS 2015-16
Certificate of AchievementWeldingTechnology-1-year CA 2015-16
Certificate of AchievementWeldingTechnology-2-year CA
Certificate of AccomplishmentWelding Technology-COA