(Revised by Consultation Council -March 19, 2009 and Academic Senate- March 23, 2009)
Upon the completion of any course, educational activity or program, the student will demonstrate improvement in one or more of these areas:

ISLO 1: Communication
Ability to listen and read with comprehension and the ability to write and speak effectively.

ISLO 2: Critical Thinking
Ability to analyze a situation, identify and research a problem, propose a solution or desired outcome, implement a plan to address the problem, evaluate progress and adjust the plan as appropriate to arrive at the solution or desired outcome.

ISLO 3: Lifelong Learning
Ability to engage in independent acquisition of knowledge; ability to access information including use of current technology; ability to use the internet and/or library to access and analyze information for relevance and accuracy; ability to navigate systems.

ISLO 4: Personal/Interpersonal Responsibility
Ability to develop and apply strategies to set realistic goals for personal, educational, career, and community development; ability to apply standards of personal and professional integrity; ability to cooperate with others in a collaborative environment for accomplishment of goals; ability to interact successfully with other cultures.

Strategic Goal Alignment