Internal Self-Evaluation

Welcome to Lassen Community College’s accreditation internal self-evaluation website. Accreditation is a comprehensive process for evaluating and certifying the quality of education and is designed to assure students and the greater public that an educational institution meets or exceeds standards of good practice recognized by the educational community.

Accreditation standards reflect standards of good practice. The standards were developed by professional peers (faculty, staff, administrators, and members of the public) and reflect minimum conditions of quality and service for accredited institutions. Maintaining an accredited status is a collective responsibility of all members of the Lassen Community College community.

Every six years, Lassen Community College undertakes a comprehensive internal self-evaluation of all programs and services measured against a defined set of accreditation standards adopted by WASC-ACCJC. Following the internal self-evaluation, the accrediting commission assigns a team of peer evaluators the task of conducting a multi-day visit to the college, where documentary evidence, interviews of faculty, staff, and students, observation of classes and support service programs is undertaken. This team’s task is to certify that the college meets all standards of good practice and to develop a comprehensive self-evaluation report and recommendation for consideration by the Accrediting Commission. In June 2014, the accrediting commission will act on the team’s recommendation regarding the reaffirmation of Lassen Community College’s accreditation status for the next six years.

The intent of this website is to provide information on the development of our internal self-evaluation in preparation for the March 17-20, 2014 visit by the team of peer evaluators.


Cheryl Aschenbach – Academic Senate President
Terry Bartley – management
Carie Camacho – faculty
Kim Clain - classified
Dave Clausen – Vice President of Administrative Services
Greg Collins - Facilities Planning Committee Chair
Dave Corley – Institutional Technology Planning Committee Chair
Marlon Hall – President
Jonathan Herring - Associated Student Body
Jeff Lang – classified
Carol Montgomery – classified
Sue Mouck – Accreditation Liaison Officer
Vickie Ramsey - Human Resource Planning Committee Chair
Tammy Robinson - Dean of Instructional Services
Alison Somerville – faculty
Ross Stevenson – faculty
Patrick Walton – Dean of Student Services
Aeron Zentner - Director of Institutional Effectiveness 


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